Sunday, April 12, 2009

Can you eat the seeds of a pomegranate?

Can you swallow the seeds of a pomegranate or do you have to spit them out?

Can you eat the seeds of a pomegranate?
what ever u prefer a lot of ppl eat the seeds but some spit them out
Reply:u can swallow them
Reply:Well, you won%26#039;t end up in the Underworld married to Hades like Proserpine; really they won%26#039;t hurt you unless you have diverticulitis.
Reply:my friend always eat it ! but i dont
Reply:Pomegranate seeds are VERY good for you! So do sallow them, its good for ya.
Reply:eating a pomegranate, you should %26#039;roll out the arils (juice sacs)%26#039;, discard everything else, and then %26#039;eat the arils whole, seeds and all.%26#039;

it is a %26#039;personal choice%26#039; as to whether or not you eat the seeds. However, keep in mind that %26#039;most of the fiber that you get from eating pomegranates comes from that little seed.%26#039;

In addition to having some fiber, pomegranates are a good source of Vitamin C and potassium
Reply:the question should be ... how can you not eat the seeds ? it is impossible not to
Reply:swollow them, and as a added bonus your have some growing out your butt.
Reply:best to get rid of them as lots of different seeds are hard on your digestive system and need to be thrown away
Reply:that is what you are supposed to eat
Reply:Seeds are fine
Reply:Its perfectly fine to eat them - woln%26#039;t hurt you at all! Enjoy!

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