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How do you eat (and what part of do you eat) a pomegranate?

What part of the pomegranate is edible and how do you get at it without wasting it?

How do you eat (and what part of do you eat) a pomegranate?
Not much, is the short answer. I had a lovely old pomegranate bush covered with fruit, but for casual eating? Nope. The good part is supposed to be that red, juicy covering around the seeds.

Here%26#039;s a quote from the Seasonal Chef: %26quot;You can eat pomegranates out of hand, cracking open the shells, taking whole mouthfuls of the tightly-packed crimson seeds, gently bursting each blister of fruit with your teeth to extract the juice, then spitting out the rest.%26quot;

Frankly, I found that sour and messy as heck!

She has recipes for syrups and other uses.
Reply:you just suck on the seeds and then spit them out. It is a very tasty fruit and a healthy one also.
Reply:cut it open and suck on the seeds- it is the juice around the seeds that is good. the rest, I find, is inedible.
Reply:you slice off the top, then you brake it open.

you can then scoop out the seeds, this is what you eat, either into a bowl a sieve, or just pop the seeds in your mouth.
Reply:cut pomegranate open, the seeds are edible. you can also suck the juice around the seeds hope you enjoy
Reply:You crack it open, there are red juice pods with seeds in the middle. If you crack it open, you will see sections and dividers like in citrus fruit. Eating it in sections helps to stop some of the inevitable mess. Enjoy!
Reply:You eat the red seeds inside. Pomegranate is very good for you, and it is fun to eat too.
Reply:You can cut through the skin and peel it. Then eat all the delicious red seeds!
Reply:If you eat pomegrante you would mostly eat the seeds.
Reply:I cut it in halves in a saucer to catch the juice, which I drink, then scoop the seeds out with a spoon and eat them. A pomegranate consists of dozens of seeds, each of which has a layer of pink juicy flesh round it, all enclosed in a tough dry skin. The whole thing is about as big as an apple.
Reply:you eat the red part and some people say you should spit out the middle of each seed but that just wastes more of the pomegranate and there is nothing wrong with the middle of the seed so just swallow it, its easier that way
Reply:you break the fruit in half, pick out the seeds, and discard the other parts and eat the seeds. watch out, pomegranate juice is hard to get out of clothes.
Reply:After peeling off all the skin you then have the delightful task of picking out the seeds.

Oh so messy but oh so yummy too!

Reply:Just pick the seeds out and eat it like an apple its good but i am sure ther is many better ways good luck!
Reply:eat the seed juice and then spit the seeds out.
Reply:HEY let me tell u the best way...simply cut the same from middle in two parts and start hitting the half from back with a spoon u will see that seeds will start falling one by one...without wastage.... i found this method from my friend.. good luck with ur pom...


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